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00 - It Started With A Wave

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Until we meet again

Documenting Australia through photographs, video and the written word.

Walking the streets of Sydney, I often find myself thinking about the stories behind the buildings I see, the people walking by, the rusty cars and the neglected chairs. These thoughts linger on my mind long after I take the photographs, I wouldn't say that this necessarily tortures me, but it does bother me when I have an opportunity to learn more and I don't - usually out of fear or embarrassment to approach people - it's all so trivial. Now it's just another missed connection, another story going untold, and I am left wondering, all because of my comfort zone.

"Until we meet again" Coogee Beach 2022, photo by Sean Alves
"Until we meet again" Coogee Beach, 2022, photo by Sean Alves

Photography is voyeuristic, allowing me to capture detail and be a part of peoples lives, but at a distance. I am discreet and unnoticeable - privileged to be in the right place at the right time to share intimate moments. But I think it's time for me to take a leap out into unfamiliar territory.

This blog is a tool to bridge that gap, and share the untold stories that linger from each photo. Through video, photography and informal interviews I want to document peoples memories and stories, giving them a space to leave their mark, however big or small.

It is an honour to be given the opportunity to talk to people and share their corner of the world as they experienced it. All I can hope for is that I give their memories the justice they deserve and I thank them for the gift of their story.

Until we meet again.

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