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Video Installation

by Sean Alves

'Decline' delves into the delicate intricacies of memory loss and the transient nature of our recollections. It presents a haunting visual representation of the gradual transience of memories, both in their vividness and accessibility, evoking a profound contemplation on the existential fear and unease that accompany the inevitable process of aging and mortality.


As the projections unfold, viewers engage with hypnotic imagery that underscores the relentless erosion of identity and the anxiety that ensues. The visual representation of the artwork is further accentuated by the layers of fabric that the projections pass through, each layer causing a decay of image quality and an increase in abstraction. This degradation mirrors the loss of clarity and accessibility of our memories as they fade over time.


Decline prompts a thought-provoking and introspective journey, compelling viewers to explore the complexities of memory. It serves as a reminder that our memories are a precious resource that must be treasured.

IMG_2703 copy.jpg



aMBUSH Gallery

May 2023


Direction & Music:

Sean Alves


Alana Gilfillan



Stuart Gillies


Camera operator/Production:

Julia Koldorkina

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